Classical Hatha Yoga

This class is taught by:

Brook Cheatham

I have been a student of yoga for 6 years now, and has been teaching for five.A dancer since the age of four, the step to yoga was only natural. I was lucky enough to take from an amazing instructor teaching at an old Golds Gym in Dallas, and I was hooked. After taking for a short time, I wanted to know all about it, and during my journey to find out why this form of exercise made me feel so amazing and strong, I stumbled upon the real reason, the mind connection.Yoga is a great gift to share with people. You not only get to help them physically by strengthening their body, but you give them a break form this crazy world we live in, touch deeper into there spirit and allow them to release stress. Every class I teach I teach to help people in whatever way they need for that day.
Ages 12 and up welcome

beginner to intermediate students

The focus of a classical hatha yoga class is on awareness of one's own body's needs and desires.

The litmus test for any yoga class is to feel better upon leaving than upon arrival. And this is true for the first class to every single one that follows.