Gentle Yoga

This class is taught by:

Pooja Singhania

I have been practicing yoga off and on for the last 5 years. After moving to the US, other forms of keeping fit intrigued me whether it was running, weight lifting or aerobics. But I was finding it hard to sustain any for long periods of time due to either knee pain or weather or something else. Then, one day a friend invited me to the 108 sun salutation winter solstice event and then shortly after to a workshop with Sean Corne. This rekindled my love for yoga and drew me into not just practicing but taking it a step further and completing my 200 hour teacher training. Since then, I have continued grow my practice through teaching and learning through workshops from well-known yoga instructors.

I love that yoga is not only about the body where seemingly simple poses, if done right can be humbling, it is also about the mind – being present and making every move and every breath intentional. Yoga is practiced at your own pace. You are not competing for performance grades or stats. A practice that offers you the flexibility and opportunity to make it your own with your own intention and tap into your inner strength and energy.

It would be my joy and honor to share this practice with you and continue to grow and hopefully make a small impact in your day. Namaste!!

Gentle Yoga will utilize the Vinyasa Krama principle which is the technique of connecting your yoga poses in a series. The connected movement and postures will then connect to your breath - inhalation and exhalation with each gentle movement. Rather than performing each asana as an independent pose disconnected from the whole, Vinayasa Krama mimics the flowing energy of the universe. The mind, body and breath are unified into a state of harmony shifting the focus from external to internal. Vinayasa Krama also uses variations of each asana to open the potential of the mind and body.