Foundations Course - Six Lessons on The Gokhale Method

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Gokhale Method Foundations is the core offering of the Gokhale Method. In six 90-minute lessons, you can change your habits efficiently and profoundly through a combination of verbal explanation, visual materials, and gentle hands-on guidance from a qualified Gokhale Method teacher. All qualified Gokhale Method teachers are personally trained by the founder, Esther Gokhale.

Reduce or eliminate many kinds of musculoskeletal pain
Prevent joint degeneration
Increase energy, stamina, and flexibility
Improve your circulation and breathing
Reduce stress
Look and feel more confident

Effects are often immediate and last a lifetime.

Additional Information:

Each lesson is 90 minutes long. Required text: 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back


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Lesson 1:Friday
September 28, 2018
starting at 6:30 PM
Lesson 2: Saturday
September 29, 2018
11:45am Start Time 
Lesson 3:Saturday
September 29, 2018
90 Minute class
Lesson 4:Saturday
September 29, 2018
90 Minute class
Lesson 5:Sunday
September 30, 2018
starting at 10:00 AM

Lesson 6:Sunday
September 30, 2018
starting at 12:00 PM
USD $ 450.00 (Six 90-minute lessons)