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Jordi Wood Monthly Sound Healing with Jordi Wood Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Jordi Wood is a musician, healer, teacher, and alchemist. Jordi found his passion for music at a very young age. He found that the world, animated by the sounds and songs all around him contained a certain order within the apparent chaos, and the universe spoke in this language of vibration. Being trained as a classical pianist, Jordi began performing professionally as an accompanist and later in jazz bands, solo projects, and rock operas. Jordi has had the opportunity to work with world class musicians and healers from all over the world including Australia, South America, Africa, and Iran. After self-healing an autoimmune disease through the use of Sound Healing, Reiki, Herbal healing, and sacred ceremony, Jordi was led to share this knowledge with those who are searching for alternate ways of relating to the world around them and ending their own suffering. Jordi uses his many years of teaching, performing, research, and practice in various healing modalities to provide a sacred space for individuals to explore their inner terrain and create balance and harmony within their being.
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