Janis Stillings

Janis’ background in dance and theatre, both as a performer and teacher, instilled in her a love of movement as a way of life. As a dancer, Janis recognized the benefits of Pilates for strengthening her muscles in a movement-based, effective way. She is certified to teach Polestar Reformer and Comprehensive Mat through the Kane School of Core Integration with Kelly Kane. When faced with low bone density and the rising fear of moving, Janis’ search for new ways to adapt the classic Pilates exercises to her condition led her to Rebekah Rotstein and Pilates for Buff Bones®. Janis was one of the first to become a licensed Pilates for Buff Bones® instructor. She has a strong desire to help others with similar issues find their way to a meaningful movement experience. In addition to regular continuing education, Janis makes it a point to get back to NYC as often as possible to continue to learn from the innovative faculty at the Kane School. Courses like Pre/Post Natal Pregnancy Pilates with Deb Goodman equip Janis to continue expanding her practice. Janis’ clients come from all walks of life and fitness levels and she uses training and experience to encourage, explain and challenge them. Janis is also a certified Postpartum Doula PCD(DONA).

Janis Stillings instructs the following:
  • Pilates All Levels Mat
  • Beginner/Int/Adv clients are welcome. Pilates Mat Practiced correctly, is a powerful conditioning program for the entire body. This session incorporates Pilates principles such as concentration, breathing, alignment, coordination, axial elongation, core control, centering, and balance.

  • Bone Builder's Level I
  • This 55 min session will utilize the reformer, tower & Wunda chair.

  • Group Equipment Open Level
  • A 55min session utilizing the Reformer, Tower (Wall Unit) and Wunda Chair. This session will be an open level session.

  • Open Level Pilates Mat
  • Beginner/Int/Adv clients are welcome. This session is designed to clear your mind as you shape your body. It incorporates Pilates principles such as breathing, alignment, axial elongation, core control, and balance.

  • Beginner Pilates Mat
  • This Pilates Mat Class is for intro students.

  • Intermediate Pilates Mat
  • Int/Adv clients are welcome.  Mat Practiced correctly, the 20 mat exercises originally created by Joseph Pilates, are a powerful conditioning program for the entire body. This session incorporates the Pilates principles: concentration, breathing, alignment, coordination, centering, and balance.

  • Bodhi Suspension System
  • In this class we will bring the movement principles of Pilates to suspension training with the Bodhi System. Incorporating standing, balance, and stability elements, Bohdi takes the body out of alignment with gravity in order to fire core stability muscles and develop integrated, whole-body strength and dynamic flexibility.

  • Open Level Reformer
  • All levels are welcome in this class. 

  • Level II Group Equipment
  • This group equipment class is more advanced and moves at a faster pace utilizing Reformers, Towers as well as other equipment such as Wunda Chairs, if available. Each client has had privates or currently takes privates in addition to this class. These clients may also utilize the combo chair and the Ladder Barrel. It is highly recommended NOT to sign up for this class, if you are a beginner to Pilates or have flexion contraindication.

  • Tower Equipment Open Level
  • This class is open level and will take full use of the Tower and small props to enhance your body.